Briefing Underway in Intermountain

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December 13, 2010

We recently surveyed the nationwide litigation addressing the government’s efforts to apply a six-year statute of limitations to Son-of-BOSS cases, including its efforts to have the courts defer to a late-issued temporary regulation.  The government has now filed its opening brief in the D.C. Circuit in Intermountain, the case in which the Tax Court addressed the issue.  Of note, the brief contains an extensive argument for applying Chevron deference to the temporary regulation, rather than “the differing standards of pre-Chevron jurisprudence” (an apparent reference to National Muffler Dealers, though the brief declines to acknowledge that case by name), and notwithstanding the lack of opportunity for notice and comment.  As we have discussed before here and here, the Supreme Court may shed some light in the next few months on the extent to which Chevron deference applies to Treasury regulations.

The taxpayer’s response brief is due January 5, 2011.

Intermountain – US opening brief