Government Opening Brief Filed in Entergy

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April 14, 2011

The government has filed its opening brief in the Fifth Circuit in Entergy, seeking reversal of the Tax Court’s holding that the U.K. windfall tax is a “creditable” tax for purposes of the U.S. foreign tax credit.  See our previous report here.  The government argues that the Tax Court misapplied a three-part test set forth in the regulations for determining whether a foreign tax is creditable.  That test assesses whether the foreign tax has the “predominant character” of an income tax by examining whether it satisfies each of three requirements — relating to “realization,” “gross receipts,” and “net income.”  According to the government, the U.K. windfall tax did not meet any of the three requirements because the tax was imposed on “value,” not realized “income,” and because gross receipts and expenses were not “components of the tax base.”  The brief goes on to criticize the Tax Court for investigating the legislative purpose of the tax, rather than restricting its inquiry to the text of the statute.

The taxpayer’s brief is due May 16.

Entergy- Government’s Opening Brief