Briefing Completed in Entergy

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June 14, 2011

The government has filed its reply brief in the Fifth Circuit in Entergy.  (See our initial report on the case here.)  The reply brief puts forth a somewhat less disapproving attitude towards the examination of extrinsic evidence in foreign tax credit cases than previously advanced, stating as follows:  “The Commissioner does not contend (as he did below) that extrinsic evidence has no relevance in determining creditability under Treas. Reg. § 1.901-2(b).  Rather, our argument is that it was improper for the Tax Court to supplant an analysis of the windfall-tax statute with an analysis of extrinsic evidence.”

The bottom line, however, is the same.  The government maintains that the text of the U.K. Windfall Tax statute, by describing the tax using the term “value,” conclusively establishes that the tax is not an “income” tax in the U.S. sense and therefore is not creditable.

The case will now await an order from the Fifth Circuit setting a date for the oral argument, which is likely a few months away.

Entergy – Government’s Reply Brief